Friday, 16 October 2015

Changing Seasons

As Autumn is well and truly upon us, it's a good time to sit back and reflect on how the change in seasons can provide inspiration for our writing. It's time to get out in the fresh (decidedly chillier) air and start asking questions about what the change in seasons means to you and your local area. You know your own locality and, if you have done your market research well enough, you also know what the magazines you are pitching to want - or you should do!

Although it's true that most subjects have been written about before, they haven't been written by you. You, your knowledge, interests and experiences are unique to you and you will bring a different edge to those subjects, so don't let the fact that what you want to write about has been written about before. Being a local, you will have your ear to the ground and all the research you need to do is right on your doorstep.

So, your mission for this weekend, should you choose to accept, is to get outside in your locality and see what topics for articles you come up with, Topics you might consider are:

* Is there a park or nature reserve near you that has rare or interesting wildlife or plants?

* Think about seasonal festivals or celebrations.

* Are there any interesting walks, buildings, or places where someone famous once stayed or liked to go?

* Activities for the all ages?

* Landmarks or naturally occurring features that are of interest?

That should keep your keyboards, pens or pencils busy for a while.

Let us know how you get on and whether this exercise has sparked your imagination and resulted in a pitch or, what we all want, a pitch and commission!

Happy writing



  1. Good thinking - I often recommend my students aim local. Another good tip is to scrutinise local ads - shop windows etc. Ideas lurk there!

  2. Thanks, Alex. I am just coming to the end of writing three WW1 books for Pen and Sword Books and so am eager to get back into writing articles again - I hadn't thought of shop windows - I will give that a go!