Wednesday, 3 June 2015

what to Write?

In my last blog the topic of finding out what is stopping you from writing was discussed. Once you've discovered what your writing obstacles are you can take steps to overcome them. But until you know what your stumbling blocks are it's very difficult to move forward.

One of the biggest blocks is usually knowing what to write about. Sometimes the problem is having so many ideas whizzing around inside your head that you flit hopelessly between them all, never really pinning any of them down. For other writers it's having nothing to write about whatsoever. Both blocks are as bad for each other but the solutions are simple.

Writing down your writing ideas can help you to focus your mind. Seeing each idea in black and white on the page in front of you will make your brain concentrate and the idea that is most appealing to you will jump out at you. This is the one you should put your efforts into before moving on to the next in your list.

If you have no ideas, don't worry. This is a mere illusion. Ideas are everywhere - you just have to train your brain to tap into them, Having a notebook handy really helps here. An overheard conversation, a person in the street, an item in your local newspaper, anything can become a seed that when planted grows into a piece of writing.

So next time you are drowning in a sea of ideas or are caught in an idea drought, train yourself to see the wood for the trees and allow some rain to fall to soften the hard earth and let your ideas grow.

Happy writing
Julie x