Sunday, 17 May 2015

What's Stopping You?

My lost blog talked about how it had been a while since I had blogged. Now there were good reasons why there was a big time gap between posts in that I was writing a book (well, three actually), but at least I was writing and not procrastinating. It's all too easy to become sidetracked from our writing goals and dreams, especially when the going gets tough and it's easier to switch off the computer than to persevere and write through it.

If we want to become professional writers we have to have certain qualities that will help us to get there. These are; tenacity, determination, a dogged bloodymindedness, professionalism and adaptability/flexibility to learn and progress. If you don't have those you might not make it through as there are many writers out there who do have those qualities.

So what's stopping you from reaching your goals? Recognising which obstacles have stopped you in your tracks is the first step to overcoming them. You have a choice; you either find a way around the obstacle or you shut down your computer and walk away. Sometimes you need to think laterally to defeat your opponent; sometimes a battering ram is overkill when a feather will do. So once you know what's standing between you and achieving your writing goals you can devise a strategy that will move you forward.

Some of things that tend to get in my way are not always physical like having to take my daughter to gym, they are also psychological, ie, I only have ten minutes to write, it's hardly worth it. STOP RIGHT THERE MISSUS! It is worth it and you will do it - this is what I have to tell myself. Ten minutes a day is 70 minutes a week; 70 minutes a week is 280 minutes a month =  just over four hours a month of writing time.

I used to go home in between dropping my daughter off to gym and picking her up again. I usually have between 2 - 3 hours while she's happily flipping and bending away. Until I realised, actually, if I just wait in my car in the car park, or drive the 5 minutes up to the nearby retail park where there is a coffee shop, I can gain more writing time there.

It's all about giving yourself a good talking to and finding reasonable and realistic solutions to your writing obstacles so that you do move forward to achieving your writing goals, So what can you do to grease your wheels and move forward?

Happy writing
Julie x