Thursday, 9 April 2015

Phew, time flies!

Well, it's been a while, but all for good reasons. I've been (still am) writing a series of three books about WW1 for Pen and Sword Books which has been taking up most of my writing time (sleeping time, eating time, living time, etc.,) Anyway, the first of those manuscripts has now been submitted (hurrah!) and I am too busy with the other two to be worried too much about the one that went.

I am also getting back into writing articles again. Of course, a lot of my research for the books I will be using for articles, so nothing will be wasted and my efforts will hopefully be rewarded again and again!

Which is why I am asking you the question, have you got a book in you? Have you had a series of articles published, or have you been researching and found a lot of information you can't put into an article but you could extend into a book? It's worth thinking about.

My first book The Writers' Group Handbook was the result of first a few blog posts which led to articles in Writing Magazine which led to a series of articles in Writing Magazine and then the book. if you write, or have written, say 20 articles or blog posts at around 1500 words each, you could have enough material, with a little expansion and tweaking for a book.

Now the WW1 books will work out slightly differently as I had not written any articles on that particular subject before I got the book deal, but I will have many article ideas to pitch about the subject when the books are out. It still works out well on the article front.

Have you a book in you? Or articles that could come out of a book you have already or about to write?