Sunday, 3 August 2014

What to write about?

Writing ideas are everywhere. You just have to be patient, stop, listen and write them down as soon as they enter your head for they soon disappear again, fluttering away like butterflies. I have lots of ideas for articles and, consequently, I have lots of them scribbled on odd bits of paper, the back of envelopes, till receipts, notebooks - you name it, I've probably got something written on it - somewhere!

I've had ideas when I'm in the bath, watching TV or listening to the radio. I get them walking down the street, in the cafĂ© or a shop, overheard conversations, posters, reading a book, talking to someone on the phone, reading newspapers, from e-mails, social media, websites, waiting in car parks and traffic jams, at the GP surgery or hospital waiting rooms, at work, in bed, eating breakfast, lunch and tea - ideas can strike at any time and anywhere - so you must be ready to catch them and put them somewhere safe until you're ready to expand on them at a later date.

This week's challenge number 1 is for you to keep your eyes, ears and minds open to new ideas that could potentially be written up into an article. When you've successfully pitched one of your ideas that came out of this exercise and had the finished article published, let us know.

Challenge number 2 is to tell us where you get your best ideas from? Do they come to you when you're out walking, or when you're just going to sleep? Do they come when you're driving somewhere or doing something completely different?

Happy idea catching!
Julie xx