Wednesday, 5 March 2014

So many magazines, so little time

I went down to my local newsagents recently and it never ceases to amaze me how many different magazines there are on the shelves. I'm often spoilt for choice. But do I choose magazines to enjoy as a reader or magazines to read as a writer hoping to get into a new market?  The answer is, probably, a bit of both.

I've always enjoyed reading magazines but now I have a good excuse to as I can also pitch article ideas to most of the magazines I read as a reader. And I think it helps if you genuinely enjoy reading the magazines you want to write for as you will know the format, tone, target audience, type of articles/features favoured, etc.,

But, I'm also open to new ideas and new experiences (as a writer of articles, it pays to be!)  So I also try and look through at least one new magazine a month to assess it as a potential new market. I'd advise writers to do this because if you don't read new magazines then you might miss out on potential article sales!

So, if you only do one writing related thing this week, pop down to your newsagents and seek out a new magazine to read - you might be pleasantly surprised and find a new market.

Happy writing and reading

Julie xx


  1. After hitting on a new idea for an article, I walked purposefully into a newsagent yesterday, looking for possible new markets. Within minutes, I had identified two candidates. Now I need to study the magazines more closely, and also check if they are interested in submissions from freelancers. But that, of course, is all part of the journey.