Saturday, 11 January 2014

How many?

I like a challenge but I have to admit that last year, I didn't get many pitches or articles out there. So, my challenge to myself and you this year is to get cracking on the article front and get more out there. I want to try and get at least five articles pitched a week to a variety of magazines on a variety of subjects. I want to try out new topics and new markets too. There are thousands of magazines out there who want good quality articles and you and I are just the writers to supply them!

So, I'm also passing the challenge onto you ...

I've set up my spread sheet and numbered each row so I can see exactly how many pitches I've sent out, who to and when and what the result was. I find a spread sheet on my computer helps me the most as I can see, at a glance, the markets I've hit and where I might be able to hit next with more article ideas.

Let's see if the challenge works: I'll get my article pitches out there and you send yours and we'll we see what happens!

Good luck

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