Saturday, 7 December 2013

Look What Came Through Through The Post ...

Article writing. There's nothing quite like it - amazing yet frustrating at the same time! But, having had numerous articles published and a column I have to say that there's nothing I'd rather do than writing. Okay, I'm not a full-time writer but that doesn't mean I am not a professional one. I approach my writing business in the same way as I do my teaching assistant job. And there are advantages to writing articles, particularly a column, as this is where non-fiction book ideas can be born.

So imagine my delight when this came through the post ....

It's my new book (1st one!) and the idea for it came out of my column in Writers' News.  It's not out until 28th Feb 2014 but you can get a sneak preview or pre-order here:
Or look on the publisher's website, should you be interested:

Why not think of an idea for a book to pitch to them too while you're there!

Julie xx


  1. This is wonderful news Julie, congratulations, it looks fab. Will be first in line to buy a copy.