Monday, 30 September 2013

What to write about?

I'm always intrigued by writers who claim they have nothing to write about and  non writers who ask, 'Well, what do you write about then?' Ideas for articles are all around us and it's the job of a good write to listen and look for those potential ideas wherever they go: An overheard conversation, a local event, an advert in the local newspaper, an article in a national newspaper that can be tweaked to have a local angle, a radio interview, something on TV or a magazine, every day people, hobbies, occupations, etc., can all provide inspiration and leads for potential articles.

It's important for a writer to think like a detective and for them to have their nose into everything and anything. You never know where your next idea might pop up so always take a note book and pen with you wherever you go. You will forget by the time you get home (I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me!).

So next time you're out and about or think you have nothing to write about - remember to keep your eyes and ears open for that next flash of inspiration.

happy writing
Julie xx


  1. I'm currently on a mission to write about something I observe every day, no matter how trivial or mundane that something may seem. It could be anything I have experienced (either taken part in, witnessed or simply overheard).

    This should at least ensure that I'm writing on a daily basis, and I hope that some of these observations will turn into bigger ideas for articles.