Friday, 9 August 2013

What's your inspiration?

What would you say is your biggest inspiration when you are searching for ideas for your articles?
For me it is often reading through back copies and recent issues of my target magazine that will start my creativity popping. By reading the magazines I can get a real feel for the ethos of the magazine  - what they are trying to achieve by what they publish, their readership, and the editors likes and dislikes as to the material they want in their publication.

At other times it might be something someone says or does, or something I've read elsewhere or seen on the TV or Internet that might set me off. For me - inspiration is everywhere. I just have to capture the idea and work into something viable for publication.

Le us know what were the more quirkiest methods of inspiration for you.

Happy idea hunting!

Julie xx


  1. I'm big on mind mapping, I use it in fiction to get a story idea, and have just moved it sideways so I can brainstorm article ideas.

    I get a piece of A4, write the subject in the middle of the page, for example, if the magazine is Practical Caravan, I write CARAVAN, and circle it, then I work quickly, I put eight legs on my word, with associated ideas, like, TOURING, CLOTHING, PEOPLE, EQUIPMENT, etc

    Then I will put some legs on each of those words and come up with things like TOURING - ADULTS ONLY - then I will explore all avenues on that topic.

    I do the same for each leg...

    Apart from that system, sometimes an idea will just form in my head.

  2. That's a really good idea, Maria - it makes you think laterally too which is where the more original ideas are. Thank you for sharing this.
    Julie xx

  3. I guess I am lucky in that the main magazine I write for covers a vast range of Expat topics so inspiration comes from so many sources. But the common factor for me is always: Will this either entertain or inform the reader? If the answer is yes then great - get it written!

  4. That's a good point, Rob - and good advice for all of us trying to get articles published. Thank you, Rob.