Saturday, 20 July 2013

Respect Your Writing

What does your writing mean to you? When you think about your writing and how it is going, which words spring to mind? Could do better? Doing as well as you can? Struggling? Thinking of giving up? Not exactly inspiring and motivating thoughts are they? What if you tried to alter your mind set and look for the positives in your writing career. Try conjuring up points that are going well and with the negatives, turn them round to provide solutions so that you can do better. How can you improve your writing? It's no good sitting there lamenting your lack of articles in print. What are YOU going to do about it so you do get more articles in print?

My solutions are to devote more time to my writing by watching less TV and spending less time blogging and on social media. For my articles I intend to spend more time on researching the markets and concentrating on a couple at a time before moving on to others. There comes a time when you have to stop planning and get writing and pitching. If you spend too long on the thinking about it, you lose out on commissions - it's as simple as that.

So get to it! Give yourself and your writing the time and respect they deserve. If you want to be a professional published writer then act like a professional published writer. A writer writes and so must write regularly, just as a nurse nurses and a teacher teachers.

Happy writing
Julie xx

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