Sunday, 19 May 2013

Where to start?

So you want to write? That was the situation I found myself in a few years ago when I first started to write seriously. I had wanted to write short stories initially and I had written poems as a child/teenager. But then, somehow, life got in the way, as it always does and my writing got lost in the tornado that was exams, college, nurse training, finding a job, moving counties, moving jobs, getting married, moving jobs a couple more times, night shifts, day shifts, having a child and changing careers. It's amazing any of us have any breath left after all the changes we go through during our lives!

But get back to writing I did - I had very little success with the short stories though, even after I'd done an Open University course in creative writing. I even joined a writing group when that course finished, so determined was I not to let life snatch my writing from me again. And it didn't. I still dipped my toe into the short story world but by far my greatest success to date with my writing has been with the articles. It's funny how hell bent we are in conquering one facet of writing only to be disappointed but find success in another area of writing we hadn't considered to be our 'thing.' But that's life for you!

This blog is about writing articles - something I now enjoy doing and I still write short stories having had some published to spur me on. But it will always be the articles for me now that I think will take a greater priority in my writing life. When we first start our writing it can seem confusing: where shall we take our writing? What shall we write today? Will what we write today be different to what we are writing in ten years time?

There are so many different possibilities with writing that it is impossible from the start to know where we might end up. But make a start we must and I'm a firm believer that nothing we write is ever wasted. It can be improved upon, it can be altered, a small spark of the original can be lifted to create a bigger and better piece.

So whatever you do today - make a start with your writing. Whatever it is, make that start. Don't worry about editing or what you think your writing dreams, today, are. Get something down on paper and then you can think about where you want to take it.

Happy beginnings!

Julie xx

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