Sunday, 26 May 2013

Christmas is coming ........

Christmas is coming and the editors are there waiting for your Christmas related articles. Yes, I know that spring has barely sprung yet, but getting your ideas in early puts you ahead of the competition. And, when you think about it, for most monthly publications, they are already on their June/July/August issues which means they'll be planning their Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec issues soon if not already.

So put on some Christmas movies, look at Christmas produce websites, drink some mulled wine, look through your photo albums for old Christmas memories and get writing! Hopefully you would have remembered to keep a couple of Christmas back copies of magazines so you can see what they've gone with before and pitch them something original. I know it's 7 months to go before the big day but believe me, that time will soon whizz by, so don't get caught out and start pitching now while you've still got plenty of time to do so.

Merry Christmas!

Julie xx

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