Saturday, 9 February 2013

Straight Road

If only the road to publication was a straight one. Think how much easier our article writing and publishing journey would be. If we didn't have to slow down for the bends or be delayed by fog. If only what we wrote was exactly what the editor wanted every time! There would be no rejection, no wasted effort and no frustration.

But don't you think it would be a little boring. If we didn't take that little meander off the beaten track to rest awhile at a gate we hadn't noticed before, to stare out across the fields of golden corn and the friesian cows grazing in the lush green fields beyond?  If we hadn't have taken that wrong turning in the middle of nowhere that led us to the middle of nowhere with no way out of the middle of nowhere, we might have never happened upon that old country pub where the owner's great grand father was an officer in the army in WW1, and the chef who wrestles crocodiles in his spare time. Okay - a little far fetched I know ..... I am a creative writer after all!

But you get the picture. If we stay on the motorway, all the good, interesting fodder for our articles will just whizz past us, unnoticed. Where would the challenge be if we knew that all our articles would be published? Where would our delight and swell of pride be if every e-mail we opened was an acceptance from an editor? It's good to have your pitches knocked back every now and then - it reminds us to keep moving forward and that standing still is not an option if we want to be published.

Take the scenic route.....

Happy writing
Julie xx


  1. That's why I enjoy walking. Much slower. You get to see what's around you!

  2. And you get to see things that you might miss if in a car!

    Julie xx