Saturday, 26 January 2013

Playing the waiting game

The world of writing is quite a strange world to inhabit. It's unlike any other job in many ways. Who in their right mind would send out pitches to editors in the knowledge that it's probably going to be a no? Is this the action of a person who is fully in control of their faculties?

But pitch we must! I've been indulging in a fair bit of pitching myself over the past few weeks with some success - you win some, you lose some. Probably one of the most frustrating replies for a writer from an editor is they'll keep it on file in case they can use it at a later date. Sometimes this pays off and they do, indeed, contact you later and commission the article. But mostly it never sees the light of day.

What is a writer to do in this limbo situation? Do you wait in the hope that it's picked eventually? No! If they don't want your article there and then I would send the pitch, once you've tweaked it to suit new markets, to another editor who might want it there and then. It makes no business sense whatsoever to wait in this instance.

And that is what you are as a freelance writer - you are a business. If one customer doesn't want what you have to offer then you move on and find a customer who does. I would, however, pay the previous editor the courtesy of telling them if you do place the article elsewhere so they can remove it from their file.

Writers have to be pretty patient creatures but in business if you wait too long you lose out and someone else might get their article in instead of you. There are plenty of magazines out there who will want your work - so while you're waiting for other verdicts from editors to come in, don't forget to be sending more pitches out there. If they editor puts your idea on file - send it somewhere else! Hesitation can cost a writer dearly so if it's a no or on file, get it out again to another market.

Happy pitching!
Julie xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

What would you say?

What piece of advice would you now, as a more experienced writer, give your just starting out in writing self?

Think about this question and post your answers - it will be interesting and helpful to see what it is that has helped you the most to get you from your staring point with your writing to where you are now.

Happy writing

Julie xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Spread Your Wings

This year I am determined to travel more. I don't mean abroad in particular, but I intend to explore the areas of Shropshire and its neighbouring counties that I've never been to before. It should throw up some interesting article ideas and I'm going to make sure I take my camera and notebook with me.

But before I go, I will be doing some research on the area and what it has to offer so that I can direct my wandering and visits and think about the type of publications I can target my resulting articles better. I'm interested in special events, historical events, places and people too and I'm sure I'll find them in abundance where I will be going. I'm lucky to have access to a lot of interesting and beautiful places close to where I live and I can't wait to get started.

Where will your travels take you and your writing?

Happy wandering and writing
Julie xx