Monday, 31 December 2012

So many magazines, so little time!

As you say goodbye to 2012 and welcome the New Year in tonight, spare a thought for your writing and which magazines you will target your articles at in 2013. Smart thinking and structured targeting and reading of potential markets for your work are important as it helps you to maximise the time you have available to pitch and write your articles and prevents you from wasting the editors' and your own time.

Pitching an article can sometimes feel like you are shouting into a howling gale - your voice lost to the rushing winds around you. Will your message get through? Will you get a positive response? Will you get any response at all? You never can tell! It can be frustrating and scary if you are trying to pitch to several magazines at the same time that you've never tried before. My advice would be to limit your choices and pitch to one or two new ones a week - especially if you are just starting out. Sometimes it can take many pitches before the editor will accept one and it will be your tenacity and determination that will have got you through. Sending good quality, well angled and appropriate pitches to the same editor shows them that you are professional and a serious contender - so keep at it and don't be despondent at the first refusal.

So, have a think about which magazine you are going to target tomorrow - yes tomorrow. It doesn't matter if you have a hangover or indigestion from to much turkey and sprouts - strike while the iron is hot and as you mean to go on!

Happy smart targeting!

Oh, and happy New Writing Year!
Julie xx


  1. Thank you for another wonderful and inspiring year of blogging Julie. I feel so motivated to get out there and do some more article writing. Your great blog has driven me through the year to get up and do it! Happy New year and look forward to a new writing year.
    Di xx

  2. Thank you, Di!

    Did you see I awarded Working 2 Write for a most inspiring blog award as well? It's on t'other blog.
    I expect you are in full New Year's Eve party mode by now!

    Happy New Year! And here's to an exciting, productive and successful writing year in 2013!

    Julie xx

    1. Oh wow Julie, I hadn't seen it. Thank you so much, what a lovely start to 2013.xx