Thursday, 6 December 2012

Be careful what you wish for!

If you could have just one wish granted for your writing career, what would it be? Come on - don't let your grown-up nay- sayer and all round party pooper put you off. Think like a child and believe in the magic of Christmas before you had to run around like a disorientated demented reindeer, desperately trying to get all the shopping done, presents wrapped and mulled wine drank.

Trying to hone it down to just one thing you want for your writing career can be difficult - especially when you have as many writing projects on the go as I have. But by thinking about what you would wish for if there really was magic in the air can get you to make the right decision. What is really important to you will leap out.

If you lost the ability to write tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret. Which project would you most grieve for that you didn't get off the ground? That's the one you need to get done.

Make that decision and get it done - it's the best Christmas present you could ever give to yourself and your writing career. The real magic out there is when inspiration kisses you from nowhere. It's up to you where you take that next.

Julie xx


  1. Hmm some tricky questions - Maybe a constant source of brilliantly original and creative ideas for new articles. Biggest Regret - would be the inability to share stuff with my readers.

  2. That would be great wouldn't it, Rob. What is a writer without their readers?

    Good luck in 2013