Sunday, 4 November 2012

Whacky Races

Do you remember the Whacky Races? There was Mutley and the Ant Hill Mob and Miss Penelope Pitstop all dashing about, desperately trying to outwit each other anyway they could? Doesn't it feel, sometimes, that as an article writer you are in some strange, psychedelic version of the Whacky Races?

There you are at the starting line, revving your engine. eyeing the competition. Everyone's keen to attract the attention of the editor who only has so much space for freelancers to fill. So you frantically scribble your pitch and send it off in a bid to get yours in first before the next writer pips you at the post. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't and most of the time you won't have a clue why your pitch A was accepted, yet Pitch B ricochets back to you within minutes of you jabbing 'send!' Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason. So you dust yourself off, restart your engine and re-enter the race amongst hundreds if not thousands of other Whacky Races Writers!  Best not to reason why and just go with it because you'll still be none the wiser. But doesn't it make it all more interesting and much more fun?

It's all part of the game .......

Which Whacky Races character are you?

Happy racing!

Julie xx

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