Thursday, 29 November 2012

The man with the bag cometh!


It's nearly that time of year again, when the world goes mad and that ancient festival of spending more money than you've got and eating and drinking more than you should will be upon us. Some people do cling on to the true meaning of Christmas for all that they are worth, but, I fear they are a dying breed.
This isn't going to be a lecture on the philosophy and theology of Christmas and religion, you may be relieved to hear. What I want to remind you is that this is your time to make giant hints as to what you want for Christmas. A writer's fortune is rarely prosperous so we need to take as many chances as we can to stock up without paying for it - no I don't mean shop lifting.

I few well placed reminders: a full note pad here, a pen that's run out there, a picture of the latest Macbook on the coffee table, a few noises of admiration and longing when the advert for a new DSLR camera comes on the telly - whatever it is that you need to help your freelance writing business along, will have to be positioned if you have any hope of the non-writer present buying family member or friend getting them for you.

Of course, there will also be inspiration abound for new articles to be had during the run up to and the festive season, whether you have religious leanings or not. So, in between all the cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, telly watching and the rows with your relatives, don't forget to keep your note book handy and write it all down: the smells, the sights and sounds, the tastes, the feelings, the touch, the emotions and all that goes with it and let the article ideas flow like wine!

It might be too late to submit something in time for this Christmas but come August 2013, you'll have a treasure chest of Christmas based articles to pitch and get published so you can invest that money into Christmas 2013!

Don't forget to head out and about as well to capture lots of photos of the season: towns, cities, villages, the countryside and seaside all have their jewels in Winter that you can use to illustrate your future Christmas articles.

Happy idea gathering

Julie xx


  1. All good advice, but my real comment is: Why have I only just discovered you've restarted this blog?

    Good to have you back ...


  2. Hi, Alex! I know! It was one of those snap decisions - I missed it and I wanted to seperate my fiction from my non-fiction so I revived this blog - it's a lot of fun!