Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Get With It

Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat and all that. But how do you really feel your writing has gone so far this year? Have you achieved everything you wanted to or nothing at all? Or are you, like me, somewhere in the middle: you've achieved some of what you set out to do but not as much as you would have liked?

Taking stock now of your writing achievements now, before the silly season grips you, will stand you in good stead for the coming year. If you take the time now to perform a post mortem on your article writing you will be able to see where you have come from with your writing, where you are now and where you want to be in the future. By dissecting what went well and what prevented you from doing better you can allow yourself to move forward intelligently by learning from your mistakes and taking on board what worked for you and what didn't.

In my case I've had a fantastic year with my article writing and achieved something I never thought I'd get - a regular slot in a writing magazine! I also had an article published in a national women's fitness magazine and attended my first ever writing festival. That's worth celebrating and them some!But I can't afford to rest on my laurels. No writer, whether experienced, professional or amateur can. There are a lot of writing goals I didn't achieve this year that I would have liked to and these are what I am focusing on now and in the coming year.

So have a think about your own writing career and what you can do in the New Year to carry your writing forward to where you want it to be. You can achieve your goals but what are you prepared to change to make that leap?

Happy writing
Julie xx

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