Sunday, 7 October 2012

Where in the World?

A facet of article writing that as so far escaped my attention is travel writing. My illogical mind had decreed that because I've never ventured abroad no-one will be interested in what I have to say (don't start Mr Whaley  -  I know, I know!) Now, as anyone who is a serious, professional writer will know, this is not the attitude to take. Theoretically, a writer can turn their hand to any writing they so wish and, in fact, should be able to adapt their writing style to any given publication. It's what they/we do on a daily basis - or should be. So what stops us?

I think fear of the unknown is a big issue - can you write in an accurate, engaging and authoritative manner about a subject you are not an expert on? Of course, the answer I hope to hear is a resounding YES! The answer should be positive as you can research a subject and find out about it from the Internet (but be very carefully about the authenticity of the sites you use,) experts who do know what they are talking about and members of the public who have experienced or know about what you are writing about. The range of topics and themes is endless!

So, I intend to remedy this sorry state of affairs and write about places I do know about or places other people know about. For me, this means places in the UK - but there is nothing to stop me (or you) from interviewing someone who has been abroad and writing about their experiences is there?

Happy travelling



  1. Agreed Julie! A very good idea...I'm sure there a lots of places around your neck of the world you could write about...

    I've decided to give article writing a go myself, I'm just debating where to begin? Do you have a 'starting out' post on your blog I can refer to?

  2. Hi, Maria, and well done for deciding to give articles a go. I would start out by reading the magazines you want to write for. Take a note of what articles they like, style, tone, who the writers are, word length, etc and look at their sub guidelines (if they have any). Have a think about what you could write and contact the editor of that mag via their preferred method. Most like e-mail - you should find their contact details in the mag or on their website, if not - contact the mag by phone and ask!

    I usually write no more than 3 short paragraphs in the pitch - if I can, I'll post the handouts of my recent Pitch Perfect workshop where I discussed this very subject - if you think it might help?

    Good luck

  3. Hi Julie, Thank you very much for this advice. I'm reading several magazines I enjoy, and thinking about what I could pitch to them. Also trying to pick up the style, and word length etc

    Posting the information about pitching on the blog would be brilliant! ;-) Thanks again...

  4. I hope you find the advice helpful, Maria.

    Good luck,

    Julie xx