Monday, 20 August 2012

Workshop Wonders

Last week I did a workshop for the writing group I belong to. It was called Pitch Perfect and was about pitching article ideas to editors. I like doing workshops as they are always interesting to prepare and a wonderful way of passing the knowledge and experience I've picked up along the way to other writers. I like to see other writers inspired and motivated to give it a go themselves - even fiction writers can benefit from pitching and writing non-fiction and vice versa.

I write both short stories and articles, flitting between the two so that I always have both fiction and non-fiction pieces of work out there. Variety is the spice of life as they say, and if I'm getting a little fed up of fiction, I switch to non-fiction for a while and when I'm ready to go back to the fiction - I can do so with fresh eyes.

Quite often, writing a non-fiction piece will spark an idea for a fiction piece or vice versa, which is why I like to both. Doing workshops also has the same effect! As I'm preparing for my workshops, I really like to think about what I have learnt and what would be the best way to get that across to my writing group so they will feel inspired and motivated to have a go themselves. This makes me narrow what I'm trying to say down to the important points and it reminds me why and how I do what I do. It also inspires and motivates me to write more too - to practise what I preach!

So why not consider getting out there and doing your own workshops too? They are fun to do and even if you are a little nervous, doing your workshop among a small group of people you know in your writing group will break you in gently and give you the opportunity to try out your presenting techniques.

Go, on -  give it a try!

Happy writing

Julie xx

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