Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Who you gonna call?

When your looking for something to write about for your articles and you maybe want to include some quotes in it, who do you call? Attracting the right person to want to be in your article can be quite difficult. There's how to get hold of them for starters. Then there's the dilemma of how to approach them. Do you go for their web site and click on contact? Or do you search for their agent or publisher (if they are a writer or celeb.) If it's a local person, or someone with the experience or knowledge in the subject you want to write about, say, for example, wood turning, do you ring them, or turn up on their doorstep, or chase them round the supermarket ;0).

The best thing to do, if you're unsure, is to find out if they have a PR or media department and contact them first. If they don't, I would advise contacting them via their agent or publisher or on-line, via their blog or web site. With a local person, if you can find out their company's web site or their own personal e-mail address/ phone number, I would try and make contact that way. Writers and other such people will almost certainly state how they want to be contacted (if at all) so it's best to follow their instructions.

Don't be shy, either! Don't not contact them because you think they'll say no - they may well say no, but they might just say yes instead. Be brave and bold but polite. If they say no, it means no and don't badger them - no-one likes a stalker! Treat them with respect and they'll return it.

Happy interviewing

Julie xx