Friday, 19 August 2011

This and That

One of the things that I love about writing articles is that you never quite know what you're going to write about or the people you will meet and interview in the course of your writing life. I've been very lucky so far as I've written about some pretty interesting and quirky topics as well as meeting some lovely, and if one can say so without coming across as rude, slightly unhinged, or eccentric people (it does take one to know one).

Writing articles is the ideal job for me as I don't see it as work. Yes it's hard going sometimes and you do have to sit down and write if you want to see results, but it's something I love doing: I have an inquisitive (nosy) mind - I love finding out stuff - it doesn't matter what that stuff is. I have a very open mind and welcome new opportunities -  you have to as a writer.

So open your mind and get out there and talk to people -you never know what you might find yourself writing about next!

Happy writing!

Julie xx

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