Friday, 1 July 2011

Lead-in time

We all know that magazines are published to a regular schedule. Some are weekly, some are monthly, some quarterly. It's important that as writers we know when the magazines we are targeting are published because we don't want to send our pitches or manuscripts too late, particularly if our pitches are seasonal, eg, Christmas or Easter related.

Magazines have their own, what they call, lead-in periods from when an article is accepted to when it will be published, or from when articles need to be submitted in order to be accepted for a certain issue. Recently, I submitted an article to a magazine knowing that it wouldn't be used until November as the editor had already told me this.They also will tell when you need to get your submissions in, ie 4-6 months before the event.  But if you want to make sure you get your pitches and manuscripts in at the right time, so as to not miss the magazine's lead-in time you need to either look at the magazine's own submission guidelines which will tell you how many weeks/months their lead-in time is, or contact the editor themselves.

It would be a shame to miss your cue!

Happy writing

Julie xx

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