Monday, 4 July 2011

Don't just think it .....

Everyone knows what thought did. So I think it's important to act on your thoughts as soon as you can. Write them down for a rainy day - you'll be amazed at how fast thoughts and ideas for your writing will just disappear if you don't hold on to them and physically write them down. I've lost count of the ideas that have come to me in my sleep and because I've been too drowsy and lazy to turn my torch on and scribble them down, I've forgotten them by morning. It's very frustrating to wake up knowing you had a fantastic idea for an article last night but you can't for the life of you recall any details.

Some times, if I'm lucky, bits of the idea come back to me in fits and starts throughout the day - but the essence is always missing. I can get the gist but that killer line, that hook that was so obvious to me in my sleep has gone.

We are all guilty of procrastination -I hold my hand up to it. Guilty as charged. But it always ends up costing me in the end: a pitch that didn't get there in time and I was pipped to the post by another writer, an article I've had simmering in the back of my mind for weeks turns up written by another author in a magazine.  Frustrating, but probably avoidable if I'd have pulled my finger out and got that pitch or article subbed. I only have myself to blame.

Don't leave it for someone else to have those pages in that magazine that could have been yours! Get writing and get it subbed! I think we're all going to have a busy writing week.

Happy writing

Julie xx

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