Sunday, 12 June 2011

Looking for new markets

Having spent a great deal of my time concentrating on writing short stories, I've spent a little time this afternoon surfing the Internet for magazines that might be potential markets for my articles. Some of the magazine websites are excellent and give you the editor's name and contact details but they don't always indicate whether they take submissions from freelance writers. Other magazine websites don't give very much away at all! So I intend to go browsing at my local newsagents tomorrow to see if I can get a better idea from the actual magazine.

Generally, the rule of thumb seems to be that if you see articles by lots of different people in the magazine then they more often than not are the ones who will accept freelance submissions. I intend to e-mail some of the editors tomorrow to test the water and see how open they are to pitches/submissions at the moment.

I've grouped my research into several sections and categories of magazines so I can write a list of possible article ideas under each heading. I will be sending pitches to three or four magazines in different categories in the hope that I'll get at least one editor interested and it means I won't be sitting round with no pitches out there when one comes back declined!

With pitching to magazines I've found the best way to go about it for me is to keep sending pitches out each day. Don't just send one and hope for the best  - you have to be aggressive in your approach (not aggressive as in terrorising the poor editors, but in how many pitches you send out each week!) If an editor says no then pass your pitch on to the next editor in your list - don't stop until you've exhausted all appropriate markets!

Happy pitching!

Julie xx

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