Sunday, 15 May 2011


Thank you to Sally Jenkins for giving me a Versatile Blogger award! I am very appreciative. So I have to tell you seven things about myself and pass the award on. Here goes:

1. I hate wasps. I don't mind bees as they are sort of cute and fluffy, whereas wasps are, well, waspish. Bees don't single you out and chase you like an assassin as wasps do, either. They are out to get me!

2. I love fresh raspberries, rasberry jam and rasberry flavoured things but I hate tinned raspeberries. I love fresh bananas, but I'm not keen on banana flavoured things. I love fresh cherries, tinned cherries, cherry jam and cherry flavoured things but I hate glace cherries. I love fresh strawberries and strawberry flavoured things but detest strawberry jam and tinned strawberries - all strange but true!

3. I was once a life model for a college in Hereford (in my much, much, younger and fitter, slimmer days.)

4. I love to dance but not in public - which is why I love zumba so much as it's dance based exercise.

5. I used to sing a lot too, in public. I was in my secondary school choir and my local church choir, but I rarely sing now.

6. I'm not related to anyone remotely exciting or famous but I do have an American cousin  who is a heart Dr/Surgeon.

7. I can't stand all these reality type shows on TV! But I'm a CSI (original, Miami and New York) addict. And I love all the Patricia Cornwell books that feature Kay Scarpetta. Some may say that I'm learning how to plan the perfect murder ..........

So there we are. Nothing particularly spectacular there but a girls got to have some secrets, eh?

I would like to pass on the award to:

1. Jan Mader

2. Mythological Mike

3. Olivia Ryan.

4. Sally Zigmond

5. The Scribbling Sea Serpent

6. The Write Idea

7.Working 2 Write


  1. What an honour! Many thanks Julie, I shall be posting my results shortly.

  2. Being a life model - I hope you've got at least one article out of that experience!
    I'm going to have a look at some of your recommended blogs now...

  3. It was an i8nteresting experience, Sally! Not one that I'd do now!

    Julie xx