Saturday, 30 April 2011

How Very Dare You!

I've got a challenge for you. When I first started thinking about writing articles I had this nagging thought in the back of my mind that no-one would want to read the drivel I wrote. It put me off submitting anything for months. That was until I started this blog and a fellow blogger suggested that I edit a couple of my blog postings and sent them off to a writing magazine. I thought my fellow blogger was out of his mind, but I did as I was told and, what do you know, they got published and someone even parted with their well earned cash for them! I couldn't believe my luck.

Now I realise that it's not down to luck at all. It's down to a lot of hard work and research and having the balls to actually submit your pitches/articles in the first place. You can't be a shrinking violet in this game. So here is my challenge to you (and myself.) I declare May 'I Very Dare You,' month:

1. Go to a newsagent you don't normally frequent.
2. Browse the shelves of the newsagent and look at two magazines you don't normally buy.
3. Does it look like they use contributions from freelance writers? If they do, purchase the magazines. If they don't, look at more magazines until you find two that do and buy them.
4. When you get home, look through the magazines very carefully, taking note of who their readership is, the style/tone of the articles, the adverts, reader letter page - everything.
5. Pick out a word that you think describes each magazine (theme) and write it down in the middle of a big piece of paper.
6. Make  a spidergram (ideas shooting off from the main word) of ideas for articles you could write for each of those magazines.
7. Choose the best ideas you come up with and pitch them to the appropriate editor of those magazines.
8.If you get a positive response - hurrah! - well done you and get researching/writing the article.
9.If you get a negative response - boo - never mind and try other ideas you came up with.
10, Repeat the journey to the newsagents at least twice in the month of May and repeat steps 2 - 10 until you are published!

Go on  - I very dare you!
And don't forget to let us know how you get on!

Julie xx


  1. Go on then Julie, I will take up your challenge.
    Do you actually write the article before pitching the idea or wait until they say yes? I would worry that if they say yes and want it straight away, I could not deliver.
    Di x

  2. Hi, Di


    I'd pitch first, then write. They are unlikely to want it straight away as most magazines work weeks or months ahead. You can do most of the research beforehand so you have the material ready to start writing it once you get the okay, so you don't have to run round getting all the info afterwards.
    If you get the info you need first it might actually help you to structure your article better. You know how it is when you're reading about something or you interview someone and something you read or the person says throws up another angle for the article.

    It's going to be a lot of fun!

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for another very inspiring post.
    I'd like to award you a Versatile Blogger award for all the useful stuff that you post on Article Antics.
    Would you be happy to accept? (It involves posting 7 facts about yourself & then passing the award on to 7 blogs you admire).

  4. Hi, Sally,

    Thanks very much. I would be delighted to accept the award! But there are so many excellent blogs out there I'm not sure I can limit it to 7 blogs!! That's going to be the hard part. As for 7 facts about me, mmmmm...... will have to have a think about that one too!

    Julie xx

  5. That's great news, Julie. I'm planning to post my list of blogs on Monday 9th (when I've heard from my other nominated bloggers) and then you're free to post your lists at your leisure. If you need anymore info. there is a 'contact me' form on the 'About' page of my blog.
    Best wishes,

  6. Julie - you're now 'officially' posted as receiving the Versatile Blogger award - feel free to add it to your blog along with your 7 facts & selected blogs when you're ready.
    All the best, Sally.

  7. Hi, Sally

    Thank you very much! I'll have a think about my seven facts and post soon.

    Julie xx