Monday, 21 March 2011

Forward momemtum

I've almost finished assignment four of the writing bureau journalism course and half way through assignment five too. I'm determined to get the course finished this year as I've been rather slack with it. There are no deadlines and that's part of the problem. I do one or two assignments in a flurry of enthusiasm and then life gets in the way and I get distracted. I put the course folder away and promptly forget about it, only to pull it out of my cupboard a few months down the line and sigh, 'oh yeah, I'd forgotten I was doing that!'. No more! Now I have my writing room I have the folder sitting on my table so I cannot fail to notice it. Hah! I will remember!

I've been in a bit of a thick, lingering fog over my article writing the past few months and haven't been able to see the wood for the trees. My last post about finding writing opportunities  everywhere and casting your writing themes and topics net wider was all part of my attempt to kick myself and those other writers who are similarly stuck in this fog too into action. I'm pleased to say it's helped me. I still have the occasional wobble and will sit there wailing, 'I've nothing to write about and any ideas I get are rubbish and no editor will ever want an article off me again!' But I'm managing to blot those thoughts out as it's my own lack of self confidence that was talking rubbish and not my article ideas!

So don't listen to that naughty devil sitting on your shoulder belittling your efforts. Listen, instead, to your encouraging angel. Remember it's determination and perseverance that will help you through.

Happy writing!

Julie xx