Friday, 4 February 2011

Excellent Article Writing Advice

There's some brilliant article writing advice, amongst other great snippets of information in the March (current) issue of Writing Magazine/Writers' News. So if you don't get this magazine it might be in your writerly interest to do so.

John Wade tells us how to 'Go Global,' and find markets overseas to pitch to. I'd never really considered this, which is daft really as I've had two short stories published in an Australian magazine! So, following John's advice, I'm going to have a stab at it.

The Writers' News part of the magazine has several snippets of information regarding potential magazine markets both in the UK and abroad, so it will be worth your time browsing through it to identify any possible markets that might be right for the articles you write.

Then Diana Cambridge looks at how to write for the 'health' market  -   something I should be giving a go as I come from a nursing background! Her advice is great and has certainly given me some pointers. There is also some fantastic tips from Samantha Brick on how to pitch to the national newspapers  -  something I haven't had the nerve to do but her advice has made me think again.

Liz Gregory talks about writing about your local community  - I had an article about a similar thing: looking through local magazines/papers and writing for them/about your community in Writers' News last year. So I know from experience that what Liz Gregory says is sound!

But that's not the end of all the excellent article writing advice. Oh no! Then we have an article by Deborah Sharpe about how to write  for the education market  -   also something that has potential for me.

It's a bumper article writing bonanza! I can't wait to read through it properly and reap the rewards from all that advice  -  I hope you all find it helpful too. I'm a bit disappointed with my article efforts at the moment (ie, I haven't written any!) When I think to how many articles I pitched, wrote, subbed and had published last year, I'm eager to get going on them again soon. Which I will do as soon as I've subbed my latest batch of short stories.

I hope your writing is going well. Remember: get something on paper  -  anything is better than nothing. At least you can work with rubbish. You can't do anything with nothing!

Happy writing

Julie xx


  1. Good luck with the educational market, a natural outlet for you. xx

  2. Hi Dear julie.

    Nice finding and reading your very informative article. I'm Fazal from Pakistan. I'm a student of Freelance Journalism at Writers' Bureau, college of journalism. I've written and got published some articles for local English newspapers. I was givien this advice, you talk about, of GOING GLOBAL by my tutor, an experienced editor, but, like you, I too never considered it. Now I think it's worth considering seriously.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge. I hope to finding more from you in future and have a lasting professional relationship as a writer.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks. Carole

    I was thinking of you today when I was in school helping with the costumes/props for the forthcoming school production! I should imagine that when I look into it there must be oodles of material I can use for my writing.

    Julie xx

  4. Hi, Fazal and thanks for stopping by.

    I started the Writers' Bureau Journalism course as I wanted to gain knowledge in how best to go about getting articles published. It's a fabulous course and one that I'm currently trying to get back to grips with after a break from it.

    I would love to be published in overseas magazines and intend to do some research in that direction over the coming weekend.

    Good luck with your studies and writing too!


  5. Great post Julie! Writing Magazine does have lots to offer writers.

  6. Hi, Maria

    Thank you! I love both Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum and I look forward to them plopping through my letter box - they really give me a boost for the month.

    Julie xx