Thursday, 6 January 2011

Read for information and inspiration

It's been the first week back at school today and what with having two weeks off for the holidays, (three if you count the last week of term when I was off with the flu,) and the residual tiredness I have from that I haven't really felt like writing. I'm also at the tail end of a teaching assistant course so a lot of my writing energy has gone into that coursework. I was feeling despondent and wondering if I'd ever have another article idea or the energy to pitch and write it! It's funny what tiredness/illness/holidays can do to you.

But then, when I got home today, there on the mat was the new issue of Writing Magazine. A beacon shining through the fog. It's lifted my spirits and I shall look forward to reading it tonight. I had a quick flick through and it looks great, as does Writers' Forum that came just before Xmas I think. When I read them, I don't just read them for pleasure, or to improve my writing. I also read them for inspiration: I think about which themes and subjects they've had in and what ideas I could pitch to the editors too. I had a couple of articles in Writers' Form last year and one in Writing Magazine as well as one in Writers' News (which is now incorporated in the main Writing Magazine instead of being a separate publication.

I already feel bolstered from just flicking through the magazines and I'm going to make a concerted effort over the weekend to come up with some good ideas and pitch them. I'm also going to pick up a few other magazines that take contributions from freelance writers that I haven't pitched to before (nothing ventured, nothing gained!)

How is everyone else getting on so far this year?

Julie xx


  1. I'm having a good year so far. Found out I'd sold an article on Tuesday morning and a story on Tuesday afternoon! Keeping fingers crossed for a few more. Good luck to you too.

  2. Hello Julie

    Good to make your aquaintance. I found you through Helen. And we only live down the road from each other!

    I've started ok too - working on my 2nd novel and a non-fiction book at present.

    Look forward to dropping by again.

    warm wishes

  3. Hi, Debbie and thanks for stopping by. Great to meet you. Good luck with your 2nd novel and non-fiction book. It's the starting that's the hard part! So well done on that. I never though I'd write a novel but here I am on my second one two! I think it must be addictive.

    See you again soon

    Julie xx