Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wake up!

As I'm busy with NaNo again, I haven't had much chance to think about articles. I had hoped to have got some more  of my journalism course done, but that's life, eh? I have to make priorities, as we all do, with writing and I find I have to be in the mood to do one or the other. At the moment the NaNo novel is taking the helm as are some short stories (I had one accepted by The Weekly News last week!Wooh hooh!) But article writing is never far from my mind.

At the moment the nights are drawing in. It's getting colder, wetter, windier and everything is slowing down for winter. So I'm thinking about article material that I could get ready over the next few weeks that looks at spring: the waking up of the countryside and the Earth after its winter hibernation. If you can think back to last spring and what was in the magazines then, you can think up new slants on that material and pitch it to the magazines now so the editor receives it in plenty of time to consider it for publication.

So while it's cold, dark and unwelcoming outside, make your writing space warm, cosy and inviting. Close the curtains and lock the darkness outside. Light some candles, turn the heating up, get yourself a large mug of  hot chocolate and  a supply of biscuits. Turn your computer on, get your notebook and pen out and get thinking about and writing your spring ideas ready to pitch.

If it helps, type spring season into your search engine and look at spring pictures. I've taken loads of photos over the past two years of scenes from different seasons and I've found these very good for inspiring me when I'm trying to write about spring at the end of autumn!

Happy Easter!

Julie xx

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  1. Hope your bringing Easter Eggs on retreat then!