Sunday, 21 November 2010

Out of the ordinary and original

Some people might say that there's nothing left on the planet to write about that is original as it's all been done before. Well, yes, to a certain degree I would agree with that. But, on the other hand, it's not been written by you or me. We are individuals with a unique experience of life. No-one will ever have the same experiences, go to the same places, have the same ideas, motives, thoughts and inspirations as you or I. You can, therefore, bring freshness and originality to your articles. No-one can do that but you. If you asked ten writers to write on the same subject each of those writers will produce a different article. The content might be similar, but because each writer will bring their own blend of experience and opinion to it, they will have an originality about them that editors will love.

So instead of thinking, 'Oh I won't bother writing about that because someone else has already done it,' look at the subject matter from a different angle, from your perspective, and see if you can come up with an even better article that sparkles with originality and freshness that will have editors snapping it up. If you allow yourself to give in to your writing devil who is telling you not to bother writing about this and that because it's all been done before, you will end up not writing anything. Not a good place for a writer to be in!

Happy writing and give your writing devil the heave ho -  I wonder what you will achieve once he/she's gone?

Julie xx


  1. Definitely. Good advice. I think the thing to do with any article idea you have is to ‘challenge’ it: how different is it going to be from similar articles that have appeared before? I believe that every subject is worth writing about – over and over again. But you’ve just got in to inject new vigour into it. A few weeks ago I blogged about articles that you shouldn’t send an editor, but even that list contained bases for saleable ideas – were you to find the right, unique approaches or some original twists to spice them up with.

    Like you, I also agree that pretty much everything has written about, but I care to think there are a few quirky or niche subjects or themes that nobody’s thought of writing about out there in the wilderness too. Perhaps it is our task to unearth them and bring them into the mainstream?


  2. Thanks, Alex

    I love seeking out new angles on topics to write about - it's all part of the writing process and a skill writers need to learn so they can sniff out the themes and angles that will have the best chance of becoming a saleable article. I find that once you start looking at a topic, the ideas tend to snowball anyway, which is great.

    I have to admit, though, that I have been concentrating on short stories and NaNo recently but I've always got my eye open for a good article idea. Once NaNo finishes I'll be catching up on the article side of my writing. I want to get the journalism course finished too (I know I keep threatening to finish that! One day I might actually achieve it!)


  3. Glad to see you've set this up, Julie, good luck with it, hugs..

  4. Thanks for an inspiring post, Julie. It's easy for both fiction and non-fiction writers to think that an idea's already been done to death. But by thinking laterally around a subject it's possible to find a new angle and therefore potentially new markets.
    Good Luck with NaNoWriMo - I made it through last year and so know how much dedication is required!

  5. Thanks, Carole Ann

    Hope all is well with you and your writing. Can't believe haw fast this year has gone or how cold it's got! Brrr.

    Julie xx

  6. Hi, Sally

    Yes, there's always a new angle on a topic to explore if you look hard enough.

    NaNo is going great. I did it last year too. That novel currently stands at 75,000 words! I just love NaNo - it's great fun and such a positive experience.

    Julie xx