Saturday, 13 November 2010

Article time again

I realise that some of you write articles all the time and for you this post won't mean very much! But in my case I seem to work on a rota system, dividing my time between writing either articles, short stories or novels. It's a bit like the phases of the moon really!  Or where my moon is rising in my chart. I've just gone through the short story phase and I'm well and truly engrossed in my NaNo novel writing phase now. This phase will last until the end of November when a new moon will take me into article writing again.

It's a bit of a strange period at the moment with article writing. Some editors aren't interested in any articles until the new year, Everyone seems to be gearing up for the Christmas period and winding down for the holidays. But it is the perfect time to reassess your article writing and think about your plan of attack for next year, so you can get your ideas in quick next year. Are you going to continue to pitch and putt to your old faithfuls or are you going to spring out of your comfort zone and take a shot at a magazine you've not approached before?

I'm going to be thinking up some new article ideas over the coming weeks and look at other possible outlets for them  -  magazines I haven't been published in before. I find this an exciting exercise as it's full of potential and new growth. A writer who is continually growing and evolving has a distinct advantage over a writer who refuses to move with the times and adapt.

I'm concentrating on the morris dancers at the moment and I'm also going to be looking through magazines I've not seen before to assess them as potential markets. I've still got to finish my journalism course (she says again!) Time just seems to run away with me and writing time is scarce. But I'll get there!

I went on a writing retreat last weekend and managed to get some writing done (I say some  -  look on the Wrekin Writers' website for evidence of what we got up to!) It was a wonderful experience and very, very funny. My motivation levels are sky high again and all I want to do is write! So I've made a promise to myself and challenged my self to increase my writing time and up my output. I've realised that if I want to continue to be a published writer I'm going to have to up the ante and buckle down and write a lot more than I have been. No excuses. No diversions. I hope my increased determination levels will pay off.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Happy writing
Julie xx


  1. There's fightin' talk! Good luck!

  2. It certainly is fighting talk, Simon! Got to get my self sorted.