Thursday, 21 October 2010

Back To The Future

Go to fullsize imageI intend to spend some time over the half term holidays looking at back copies of a couple of a few magazines. I'm also going to look at the current copies. I'm going to do this for two reasons:

1. So that I can get a flavour of the types of articles and features they publish and work out from the content the magazine's intended reader.

2. So I can get some ideas on what seasonal themes the articles are based on so I can write something appropriate to that magazine's style ready to send for this time next year.

It's also an excuse to put my feet up with a cup of coffee! It's something I don't have a lot of time to do usually. But I had to ask myself if I could afford not to. I owe it to my writing, and you owe it to yours to get down to the nearest newsagents and pick up some magazines that take freelance contributions and read them from cover to cover. If you don't give yourself that valuable research time you are denying yourself the best chance of publication. You have to read the whole magazine, adverts and all, in order to get your head round what it is the reader and, therefore, the editor wants - that means reading as many back copies of the magazine as you can lay your hands on as well as the current issue. The closest you can match your article to the general style of the magazine, (and remember that each magazine has it's own particular style, so one size or format does not fit all!) the better your chance of acceptance.

Happy reading!

Julie xx


  1. I was going to do a lot of reading over half term, too. Sadly, we're all back to work/school on Tuesday, and I've still done nothing.

    Hope your plans work out better than mine did. Have fun.


  2. Time does have a habit of running away from us doesn't it, Suzanne! Whoooooosh and it's gone.I'm hoping I can get something done over half term, but I might go the same way as you. It depends on whether I can gather the energy to do anything about what I've read!

    We'll know what what happened in a week's time!

    Julie xx