Sunday, 8 August 2010

Waiting Time

On a bit of a hiatus really with the article writing. No excuse other than I have been having a wild time with the short story writing, looking after my wonderful daughter as it's the school hols, and catching up with the more mundane things in life like doing the housework (don't faint, yes I do actually do some occasionally) However, I do have an article about NaNo coming up in the October issue of Writer's Forum so watch out for that one if you read that magazine. (If you don't read it. I'd highly recommend that you do). I can't believe that I started the NaNo challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days  back in November 2009 and here we are, almost a year later, and I not only got an article out of it that was accepted for publication but I now have a 75,000 word novel awaiting its second edit! Out of small acorns ..........

I'm still waiting for the Morris Dancers to return their e-mail interviews, but as it's holiday season I think I'll be waiting a while longer yet. But while I'm waiting I won't be resting on my laurels, oh no - I shall be transcribing the interview I already have from the Morris dancers on my Dictaphone and looking at the one e-mail interview I have had back so I can start formulating a plan for the articles and follow up on my pitches. The writing devil waits for no man or woman!

I also had a bit of a revelation recently in regards to article writing. Something Alex said in his blog also struck a clanging chord with me. I have been looking at several magazines (whilst lying on the sofa, coffee in hand, all in the name of research you understand) and I keep thinking I could have written that, or that's the kind of thing I could write about. But I haven't  -  someone (another writer just like you or I)  has got on their first. The first question that crossed my mind after this light bulb moment was: why haven't I pitched to these magazines before? Answer - I don't know (too self conscious, they'll never be interested in small fry like me, they'll be inundated with similar pitches from other writers who are much more capable than me  -  yes Simon, I can feel the heat from your glare!). Then the second question, after I'd beaten my 'you're no good, you'll never make it as a writer' devil in to submission, was how can I rectify this and what do I have to do to get my features into these magazines? (Read the magazines through again cover to cover - mine's a white coffee, no sugar thank you. Find out who the editor/features editor is and whether they take from freelancers. Discover their house style/presentation and subbing preferences. Find out if they prefer a pitch first or the whole article and then kick my nerves/reservations/ squeamishness out of the back door and nail the cat flap down so it can't get back in (the nerves, not the cat) and go for it  -  you never know!

So if you think your writing isn't good enough for the likes of the such magazines STOP! Ask yourself what you are basing your assumptions on. Do you know for a fact that they will reject your pitch/work or are your self confidence diminishing demons at work? You don't know until you ask or try - and if it's a NO to your work this time, next time might just be a resounding YES! So go on, dare to be a little devil and have the audacity to bother these editors. Assume nothing and remember the saying 'assume makes an ass out of u and me!

Happy writing!
Julie xx

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