Friday, 16 July 2010

No Man's Land

I'm in a bit of a dip with my article writing at the moment. I pitched two ideas this week but both were declined. One was too close to a series of articles they run already (tut, tut, tut, I should have spotted that before I pitched.) The other the editor had already comissioned a similar series of articles on. So I know with one of them I wasn't far off the mark. That's encouraging at least!

I've been up to watch and talk to the Morris dancers twice now and I'm just waiting for a couple of them to agree to have interviews with me and I can then start writing the articles. I've had a fabulous time with them and have met some great characters, so I'm looking forward to writing about them. I'm thrilled they agreed to let me in. Having a couple of articles I've already had published ready to show them really helped  -  so that's my top tip of the week: take a portfolio of your work along to show them what you can do. It shows them that you are professional (even if you don't feel it) and are capable of getting in print.

Having been out and about in Shropshire recently, taking notes and photos on my local area, I think it's about time I get a move on and actually wrote something up on them! Oh if only I had more hours in the day, or I made my writing more of a priority. It's difficult though isn't it? I know - excuses, excuses!

Have a great weekend. It's Wrekin Writers' meeting tomorrow morning - something I'm looking forward to. I always find my writing enthusiasm and motivation tanks are filled to overflowing when I've been to my writing group meeting. They are just a little bit low for my liking at the moment! What I need is another sale.
But if I don't do the writing and work hard at it, it won't happen. Time to get my skates on.

Happy writing



  1. I'm always taking pictures when Im out and about, always meaning to use them in an article of course. It's good to know I'm not alone in this!

    All the best with your Morris dancers.

  2. Hi, Christine

    Yes it's an urge we can't resist isn't it - any excuse to whip out the camera! I thought it was just me! Oh look that would make a good photo, I think. I can put that in an article somewhere! Do I actually use half of what I take? Nooooooo! But it's good practice and you never know what you might need for a rainy day!

    I've just had an e-mail from the Morris Dancers as I'd asked them if any of them would be willing to be interviewed and they are sorting that out for me tomorrow! They are very good dancers and keen to be written about - that helps a lot!

    Julie xx

  3. Yeah, at least it's good news that you are on the right path with ideas.I guess it's trying to research more back copies for what they ave already used. With your determination it will pay off. I am envious of you meeting with the Morris Dancers, sounds great!