Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Having had some time off article writing in order to concentrate more on my short stories, my urge to write articles again has been woken and is having a long yawn and stretch, flexing and warming up its muscles ready to go! I've finished the second drafts of two articles: one for a writing magazine and the other for a local school governor magazine, that I hope to finish off tonight with a view to submitting them soon.

The journalism course is also going well as I've started to work on that again. I'm now on assignment three and hope to get that one and assignment four done by the end of Whit week. I've found taking a break from the articles refreshing and although I'm still writing and subbing short stories, I don't like to neglect my article writing for too long.

I still have a couple of articles that were accepted some time ago that are yet to be published, so I'm looking forward to seeing those in print. I'm sure once I see them in the magazines it will kick start my article writing session again. I'm always searching for new things to write about but recently I've been thinking more about what I can use from my past experiences to write about. There is a lot that I have done previously in my life that I'd like to tap into to  - my 15 year nursing career has got to be good for a few articles surely!

Although I don't like writing about myself in particular there are lots of opportunities, if you think hard enough, of things you can write about that you have either knowledge or experience of which could provide you with plenty of material to keep you going for ages. Why not sit down and go back through your life: your past jobs, hobbies, interests, anything that can give you ideas of what to write about. It doesn't have to be a first person article as you can write on a topic within your frame of reference on what issues are relevent to the job you used to  do today or tackle things from a different angle. Why not compare and contrast how things used to be done to how they are done now. As long as you do your research and approach it in the right way you should end up with some interesting and saleable articles.

I have just started a new private blog for analysing short stories and I'd like to do the same for articles too. Is there anyone interested in looking at a few articles that have made it into print and discussong why they got into print and seeing what we can learn from them to increase our own chances of publication? Let me know what you think.

Good luck!

Julie xx


  1. I would be interested in the article version of your short story forum. Although I've broken into three magazines now, there's still others that I'd like to try to get into.

  2. Hi, Abi!

    What I'll do is set a private blog up as I have for short story analyses. If you let me know your e-mail address I can add you to the author list and you can then post and comment as much as you like!

    Well done on your successes

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Julie
    I'd also be interested in the short story blog. I''m published in one magazine fairly regularly but am struggling to get into others and seem to have hit a brick wall, so any guidance would be appreciated.

  4. Hi, Rebecca and Abi

    Just send me your e-mail addresses and I'll add you both to the author list so you can post and comment as much as you like!

    Welcome aboard!

    Julie xx