Friday, 23 April 2010

Trying Your Hand

I hope everyone's writing is going well and you are enjoying the process even if you haven't got anything published yet. It took me ages to get something I'd written published and even longer to get something published that I'd written and actually get paid for it! But it can be done and I'm so glad that I persevered with it. It can be a hard slog but it's imortant that you keep going  -  it worked for me.

Today I had a short (250 word) review published in the Times newspaper. It was for a regular slot called You The Editor and it involves readers of the newspaper saying what was good, or bad about one issue of the paper  -  snag is you have to get it in by 3pm for the day's paper you want to review! Hence the fact I was up early yesterday and had to enrol the services of my brother-in-law to deliver the paper to my house on his way to work at 7am and I had about 30 minutes to read the paper, write the review and e-mail it off before I took my daughter to school. As I was at work 9am-3pm that day, I wouldn't have had time to do it later!

It's important, as writers, for us to think about what obstacles we face in our quest to write and get published. Some of these obstacles are outside of our control but some of them are self imposed and if we really wanted to we could leap over them and write. It took me three attempts to get a review in The Times and after the first attempt the editor e-mailed  and asked me to try again which I did. However, there was some problem in the office that day and the editor missed it so he editor rang me asking me to try again and once I'd climbed back on my chair having fallen off it in shock at speaking to the editor of the Times (my husband took the call and said to me "It's the editor of the Times on the line for you!" I didn't believe him!)
So although it doesn't pay it would be great writing practice for you to give it a go  - just buy a copy of the Times, read it and e-mail your review in. You never know what will happen!

I also got an article in The NAWG newsletter as did two of my fellow Wrekin Writers Simon Whaley and Sue Ross. As Simon pointed out to us, of the seven articles in there Wrekin Writer members wrote three of them  - that's not bad going!

Have a great weekend and keep writing



  1. How wonderful Julie, I bet you were shocked when the Editor came on the phone. It sounds like a really good experience paid or not, it's a really good thing to say you have been published in the Times! I think we need to get the red carpet out for you next meeting! Well done.

  2. Hi, Di!

    It was a great experience and it made me think about how I can write to a deadline when there are other things I have to do too - you have to be creative: not only in your writing but in creating opportunities to write as you know!

    Red carpet! Tee hee! Oh I think there are plenty of other Wrekin Writers more worthy of the red carpet treatment than me - your wonderful mom for one!! She is a true inspiration and keeps me on the go!

    Julie xx

  3. Oooh, The Times - that's fantastic, well done. And you obviously impressed them or they wouldn't have given you so much encouragement.


  4. Someone else commented on this post and I though I had 'published' it but it doesn't apear to have come up - I'm so sorry, whoever it was! Thank you for commenting - it may well come up later - but if not I do apologise.

    Julie xx

  5. AHAH! There she is! It was you, Suzanne!

    I was flabbergasted that the editor e-mailed me urging me to try again let alone ring me! I'm afraid to answer the phone now!

    It just goes to show, though, nothing ventured nothing gained!

    Julie xx