Thursday, 1 April 2010

No room at the inn

So far none of the pitches I sent out last week have been accepted  -  both magazine editors said they were full to bursting. One said he'd only take an article if the idea was good enough to jump the queue and another said they liked one of my ideas but wern't taking any articles until probably after the Summer. Hmmph! So that's that then. Or is it? There are one of three ways I could go with this:

1. Stop thinking of article ideas, sending pitches out and stop writing articles because there is no point.
2. Make this an opportunity to get back to my fiction writing and try sending short stories out again and finishing my novel.
3.Concentrate on finishing my novel as well as sending out a short story or two, whilst keeping my ear and brain tuned in to possible articles and researching the other magazines out there that might take my articles.

If you were in my shoes and would have gone for option one shame on you! Just because a couple of magazines don't want your articles another magazine might. Okay, you might have to cast your net wider to catch a fish, but it's not an impossible task.

If you chose option two  -  this is a slightly better course of action than option one, but think of all those wasted article writing opportunities you might miss. Plus, you could have had a few articles pitched, commissioned and published in the time you are waiting for the verdict on your novel. Also switching to non-fiction whilst you are writing your novel can give you brain time to mull over your novel if you have become stuck on a chapter or your character is not working the way you wanted them to and the story isn't flowing.

Option three is the one for me! I can be finishing off the first draft of my novel and in the times when I am driven to distraction by it I can write non-fiction to give me time to think about where I'm going with my novel. Even if it's tough to get articles accepted, it can be done  - it just takes a bit of lateral thinking to come up with an article idea and proposal that will knock the editor's socks off!

Easter is a time of rebirth, of miracles and new life  -  turn over a new leaf and become engaged with your writing in a new and exciting way and let your creativity give birth to your best writing yet.

Happy Easter and happy writing

Julie xx


  1. Brilliant advice, as always, Julie.


  2. Have you seen the letter praising your article in Writing Magazine? Well done!

  3. Hi, Suzanne, and thanks! Happy Easter too

    Julie xx

  4. I did thank you, Abi! It was a wonderful surprise and really bolstered my confidence - the fact that the lady had taken the time to comment was wonderful.

    Happy Easter and I hope that your writing endeavours re going well too.

    Julie x