Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Interview Buzz

I've just been transcribing an interview from my digital dictaphone I did about a month ago. Due to my ears being bunged up after a cold and with wax for that time period I hadn't been able to do it until now. I had fun listening back through it as it was a fun interview to do and the interviewee was fantastic. So now the hard work starts!

I'll be reading through my notes for next few days and looking at which magazines to pitch my ideas to from the interview. There are so many different avenues I could go down with this that I find it quite exciting making those first tentative approaches to editors. Some will invariably say no  - but there might just be one or two who say yes!

Thinking positive and thinking outside of the box are two qualities a writer should strive for if they want to be a freelance article writer. You have to use the writing talent and knowledge of what makes a good article that will sell to its fullest advantage to make your pitch and article stand out from the other hundreds the editor has landing on their desk on any one day  -  but this is all part of the process and fun!

I'll let you know how I get on  - and do let us know how your article writing is going and what problems you've had or if there's something you've experienced or learned that has helped you gain success with your article writing.

Happy writing



  1. Hope you didn't have a cold when you did the interview. I hate the sound of my own voice on tape as it is, without the added distraction of having a cold too!

  2. No, Simon, I'd just got over a cold, but it was still annoying as I couldn't hear very well or judge the loudest of my voice so I could have been shouting at him for all I know!

    I was also quite dizzy and got concerned half way through that I was going to end up spark out on his kitchen floor!

    I hate listening to my voice on the dictaphone thingie too.

    Everything is back to normal now,I'm pleased to report!

    Julie xx

  3. I'm glad you're well and able to listen to your tapes.

    Take care.

    Suz XX

  4. Thanks, Suzanne

    I normally manage to avoid having to have my ears syringed for about a year - but it's been well over a couple of years since the last one - so I can't complain!!

    Julie xx