Sunday, 14 March 2010

Like Buses

Well what do you know! Just as I'm trying to get a couple of short stories written and subbed and telling you all that I was concentrating on writing short stories and leaving the articles alone for a while, three article ideas came into my head and I just had to propose them to three different magazines! Where did the ideas come from? Who knows! I was leafing through the dictionary (as we writers do) and PING! There they were, dancing the salsa around in my head!

Don't get me wrong. I'm pleased that the ideas decided to come to me at this moment as I was starting to worry that I'd never have a good article idea again. So there you go; this is my advice of the day: if you are having trouble coming up with great article ideas, go off somewhere and think about/do something else for a while and when you least expect it the ideas will come to you in a flash of inspiration.

I always find the changing seasons to be most inspiring so, as it is almost Spring, why not get out there and be inspired by nature and all the rebirth and growth that is going on around us after the long, dark, cold days of Winter? You may be surprised by what you discover. Don't forget your notebook and camera, though! Oh and your thermals  - it's still a bit chilly out there.

Happy writing

Julie xx


  1. I think, once you get into the mindset, article ideas must be everywhere. Sadly, I've never reached that state, but it sounds like you have. Well done.


  2. That's brilliant! Im not pitching articles at the moment because I can barely cope with my current writing projects (mainly fiction) on top of the day job. But I'm hoping that when I start again the floodgates will open.

  3. Thanks, Suzanne!

    Not sure if I've reached that state yet - the editors have yet to get back to me on them! I'm hoping they'll go for them, but you never know.

    I agree that article ideas are everywhere and I find that I have to be in a certain frame of mind to access them - I may have a few more ideas pop into my head before the night's out - that's what usually happens with me: I have no ideas for a few weeks then I get three or four in the same day - crazy!
    Good luck with your writing

    Julie xx

  4. Thanks Helen. I've just been reading your two stories in the latest Women's Weekly special - fantastic and inspirational.

    I'm sure once the fiction side of your writing calms down your article writer's brain will kick in!

    Good luck

    Julie xx