Saturday, 27 March 2010

Inspiration everywhere

It's been a bizarre start to the weekend but one that has fuelled some new ideas for articles: last night one of the neighbour's teenage children and their gang decided to have a party and they were outside for ages making a lot of noise. This morning a hole has appeared, ripped out in the bit of fence in the gap between our two houses with empty beer cans and bottles of beer in two bags by the hole! Thankfully, from my point of view, the hole is in their bit of fence and not ours  -  but unfortunately for them there will be hell to pay when their mum comes back - as it appears the little darlings have scarpered and it looks like their mum is away - but when I see her I will be informing her of her little darlings' antics and reminding her of her responsibilities as a parent and neighbour to ensure her kids toe the line and don't cause her neighbour a sleepless night.

Ordinarily, as I have done in the past, I would have gone out and told them to shut up and go away.  If they hadn't, the police would have been called (they usually go away with that threat as they know that I actually will call the police!) But as my husband was on nights and it was just me and my daughter in the house, I decided revenge would be a dish best served cold and their mother could have the piece of my mind that her kids were going to get!

I intend to make them pay  -  literally!  There is enough material there for several articles aimed at  different markets: teenage drinking problems, unsocial behaviour, teenage drinking and violence/criminal damage, noisy neighbours, community policing, neighbourhood watch schemes, even the fiction market. It's a treasure chest full of potential sales!

I also took my daughter to a pet shop who were holding a workshop on keeping lizards. The assistant was so knowledgeable and informative plus I got to hold a bearded dragon and it was so cute. My daughter didn't want to hold it as she was obsessed with the rabbits  - but I know I'll be going back there to see if I can do an interview and take some photos  - again several possible articles there too.

Now the weather is supposed to be getting better (don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight  -  ooh another idea for an article or two) it presents us with more opportunities to get out there and find stuff to write about. In my experience, as the above examples show, you don't always have to go that far to find article fodder!

Happy writing!

I wish I was a fly on next door's wall when mother finds out about the fence  -  a writers' dream!

Julie xx


  1. That's so inconsiderate - but you did the right thing staying inside, not worth the risk these days.


  2. I haven't seen their mother yet, but I know their dad was there this morning (divorced from mum) The broken wood and the bags that were on the floor have gone so who knows!

    Julie xx

  3. I can't wait to hear more about the lizard articles. Sounds really interesting.

  4. Hi, Helen

    Hope all is well with you. Yes, the young chap who was doing the lizard workshop was lovely and so imformative - I loved holding the lizard as I think they're really cute (expensive though!) I wouldn't like to keep it cooped up in a vivarium though and I can imagine my cats would be terrified! Isobel wasn't keen!

    I'm looking forward to seeing if I can get an interview with them and do some articles.

    Julie xx