Monday, 15 February 2010

Lagging behind

Best laid plans and all that - I had hoped to have finished the last two articles in my current batch by today so I could concentrate on the fiction side of my writing for the next couple of weeks. But I was struck down with a tummy bug that started out with a sore throat on Saturday morning and ended up with vomiting the early hours of Sunday. So that was Sunday out for anything other than lying comatose in bed and later the sofa when I had the energy to venture downstairs.

I was so disappointed not to be able to finish the articles but I had a really great sleep last night and, touch wood, the sickess seems to have gone. I'm still really tired and weak, though, as I didn't eat or drink much yesterday so I'm spending today recooperating. It's half term and my daughter is home with me (yesterday my sister took her for the day as my husband was at work all day and I was in no fit state to entertain her), so I won't get much writing done today other than reading through the drafts of the two articles I wanted to finish. Good news is that my daughter is going to a play scheme at the school tomorrow and Weds, so I will have the whole day Tuesday to catch up. Wednesday I'm (hopefully) going to Much Wenlock to my favourite  book shop to do some writing and  for coffee with a fellow writing friend so that should cheer me up and help to get me back on track.

I guess the purpose of this post is to warn you not to be too rigid in your writing plans. Just as a plan for a novel can change completely  half way through as the characters take the author in a direction they had not envisaged, a sudden illness or other such occurrance in your daily events can throw the proverbial spanner in the works and set you off balance. But this need not be such a disaster as it first seems. As long as you make allowances for life's little troubles and do all you can to catch up when you are better, or the crisis is over then you will get there. The real disaster is if you let inconveniences and obstacles stop you dead in your tracks. You have to get over whatever it is and push on with your writing as soon as you feel able. Don't write if you're under par or have other things to deal with - the writing will still be there afterwards and it is important to rest some times otherwise your writing will become stale and you run the risk of burning yourself out.

I hope everyone is fit and well and you all have a really great writing week - or if you're not quite up to it, let it go and take a break - you'll feel all the better for it afterwards.

Julie xx


  1. Thanks, Suzanne!

    Feeling a lot better now but I'm very tired so will be going to bed soon in the hope I can sleep off the germs and get writing again tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, Helen

    I'm fine now - managed to walk my daughter up to school for her half term activity day and found out that one of the kids in her class was ill like me at the same time so it sounds like there's a bug going round.

    Back to the writing today!

    Julie xx