Friday, 15 January 2010

Very Impressed

I'm writing an article at the moment which involves some reasearch and contact with a charity and I have to say I'm impressed by their willingness to help me and the speed at which they are moving and sending me data etc. It's brilliant! Plus I was going to ring their area manager today but she rang me! And I'm meeting her next week.I love it when I approach people for interviews and to write about them and they are as enthusiastic, if not more so, than I am. It just makes the writing process so much easier and enjoyable. They are a very positive charity and their enthusiasm has motivated me again! Wonderful.And I already have one market interested in the article. I'm taking the good advice I had from a speaker at our last Wrekin Writer session as apart of a workshop for the Wellington Literary Festival back in October, and Simon Whaley's always saying it too - try and get at least three articles out of one theme! But I'm having difficulty emailing one magazine as the emails (I've tried five times now) just bounce back - how annoying is that? It's the email address they have on their website and in the magazine but for some reason known only to computer geeks the system doesn't like my emails - I've even tested it by just emailing one word through in case my email was too long or something silly like that. I've also emailed it through using their link but that doesn't work either! Still will move on to the next market. I'm off to do my lunchtime assistants job up at the school now so I'll see if I can find a copy of the magazine in question and fathom it all out! Snow is going! Wooh hooh! Best wishes and happy writing Julie xx

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