Saturday, 2 January 2010

Just Do It!

I was feeling a bit (okay a lot) sorry for myself this morning as a brain fog had descended, rendering me incapable of rational thought. I had a few days off writing over the past festivities and although I was glad of the break, I seem to be sitting in the bad ship Inertia at the moment when it comes to writing, but I think I'm gradually coming unstuck and my trusty old sea vessel is starting to creak and groan as the wood expands and she starts to break up the ice.

What has helped me this morning is the arrival of Freelance Market News through the post this morning. It's always worth a read as it's packed with new and established markets you might want to consider to send your work out to - magazines you might not have looked at, or heard of before. It's surprising what's out there if you search hard enough.

It's given me the kick I needed to get going again. The brain fog is lifting and I'm blogging to warm up the old, tired and flabby writing muscle after the festive break. I can feel the warm glow beginning to radiate out from my heart as the writing ideas begin to flood in again and by the time the day is out I will have sent some proposals out so I will - or my name's not Julie Phillips Freelance writer!

Goals this week:

Stop being so silly and get some proposals out there.

Buckle down and edit two articles ready to send by Monday.

Write down some possible article ideas I can chase up through the year - arrange interviews etc.

Look at possible new markets for my work and investigate re proposals/submission guidelines.

Ask me next week how I got on! Come on everyone. It's time to take your heavy winter coat off, get some exercise and breath new life into your writing by losing a few pounds and cutting the flab! Can we do it ........?

Julie xx


  1. I've been so lazy this past week, I too thought I wouldn't be able to get back into the swing of things but after buying a new notebook and sorting out my "ideas" I'm ok. As mentioned in the blog post I've just written I've sent off some competition entries and assigned some bits to do next week. The kids are back at school and nursery so I've got lots of free time to be creative (just as long as I get on top of the housework!)

  2. Of course we can, Helen! Spoken like a true Bob the Builder fan! I know he says can we fix it, but it's the same sentiment!

    Julie xx

  3. You've done very well, Abi. I was okay too yesterday afternoon. I managed to get some editing done and found a load of scribbles - ideas for short stories - I'd noted down, so when my daughter goes back to school on Tuesday I can get stuck in!

    Julie xx