Friday, 4 December 2009

So what's it going to be?

What are your writing goals for next year? In three weeks time the annual turkey wrestle will be upon us and in the pop of a champagne cork the day will be over and before we know it it will be Jan 1st. Will you be ready with some fantastic ideas for your proposals ready to send off to those poor, unsuspecting editors on the 2nd Jan with their hangovers, shaking their heads saying never again?

Make the time now to have a look around you. Steal, beg, borrow time if you have to and read the newspapers - local and national, all the festive issues of magazines and other publications and make a list of the ones you are going to target in January. Then write a list under the magazines/publications you have decided to victimise, sorry, I mean target, and get your proposals written ready to ping off on Jan 2nd. Keep any festive cuttings from the mags that interest you as you will be bringing them out later in the year in order to find inspiration for your own articles based on Christmas in 2010

Make one of your New Year resolutions in 2010 to stop dilly dallying and be the first off the starting blocks. Get your proposals in before anyone else does and be professional. If you are having trouble with writing your proposals, as I was, read the excellent how to article in Writers' Forum magazine Pitching To An Editor by Douglas McPherson (pg 20/21.) You really will have no excuse not to do it and at least you'll do it right! Make 2010 your best writing year yet.

Remember - NO EXCUSES!

Julie xx


  1. A very good idea to set goals, Julie.


  2. Hi Julie
    Yes that's a great article on pitching and I am following it. However I always wonder how long to leave it if you don't hear anything. Would you just move on to the next magazine or send another. I contacted a magazine last Friday but no reply so far.

  3. Thanks, Suzanne,

    yes it is a good idea to set goals so we know what we are actually working towards. Good luck with your writing.

    Julie xx

  4. Hi, Di.

    It's a brilliant article isn't it. I don't tend to follow up on most of the proposals I send out. I just figure after a month they aren't interested and so I move on. I do keep a record on a chart on my computer of all the proposals I send out and I check it regularly and send any proposals I've heard nothing back from to the next suitable mag on my list.

    For instance, I send out three proposal for my articles on Liam O'Connell but heard nothing back a part from one of the writing mags who said no thanks. The other was another writing mag and a business mag. What I will do after Xmas is send out a repeat proposal to the writing mag that didn't reply and the business mag and see what gives. If not, I'll move on to the next mags.

    It was only by chance, and due to one of my blog postings that WF saw it and said they wanted to see the article on NaNo, and another mag wanted to see my article on your mum and Carole plus one on the community - so you never can tell. Maybe I should follow up more often! But quite often I don't have time. I send out proposals on a daily basis most weeks so it would take me a long time to catch up!
    Good luck

    Julie xx