Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Setting the records straight

I've just gone through my stats on my record sheet for articles and proposals I've sent out over the year and here are my end of year stats for 2009. I thought you might be interested in what I've been up to with my articles and how I've done - rejections and all! I hope you all keep records of articles and proposals you send out too so you know where you are and where you are going in 2010. It's a useful exercise to do this (no matter how painful and boring) as it can give you a clear indication of where your strengths and weaknesses lie and where you can improve. So don't be scared or shy. Brace yourselves and dive right in; your writing will thank you for it.

Articles sent:

Internet - 16 (12 accepted for publication. 4 rejected.)

Magazines - 15 (3 accepted. 5 rejected. 7 pending.)

Free Magazines - 13 (10 accepted. 3 rejected.)

Local Newspaper features 1 (1 accepted. 0 rejected!)

Total accepted = 26

Total rejected = 12

pending = 7

Total articles sent in all categories = 45

There have been 16 other proposals that I sent out over the year of which:

3 were accepted
9 were rejected
4 not a clue!!

So I haven't had a bad year really. Any year where there is an article acceptance is a good year to me!! I have plenty to be getting on with, including two articles that I am writing where the proposal was accepted for next year and, to my surprise, there are several articles and proposals that I sent out and were rejected that I have forgotten about and (shock, horror, slap my wrists) I didn't revamp and send out again!! So I will be going through this list and sending them out again in the New Year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope your writing goes well next year and you achieve your writing goals.

Julie xx


  1. You've had a FANTASTIC year. Well done.


  2. Thanks, Suzanne!

    I've certainly done a lot better with my articles than my short stories but hey ho! At least I've got a few things published and I have lots to work on for beginning of 2010. So remai up beat and determined more than ever to forge ahead with my writing next year.

    I hope you also have a great year in 2010.

    Julie xx

  3. That's really good results. Well done, you should be proud of yourself! I hope you have as good a year next year if not better.

  4. Thanks, Abi!

    I hope I can do better too! I want to get back on the women's mags fiction trail and see if I can get a few more short stories published. But I also want to get my NaNo novel finished and keep writing the articles too. I certainly have enough to be going on with and I would hate it to be the other way round with no ideas or projects on the go.

    I hope your 2010 is great too.

    Julie xx

  5. Well done. You've acheived a lot this year.

  6. Thanks, Helen, but so have you. I think it's been a great year all round! Here's to 2010

    Julie xx