Sunday, 6 December 2009

How Many Wrekin Writers Can You Get Into One Magazine?!

Above is the front cover of The Link and the new guidelines for submitting articles, Fillers and letters. There is a new editor at the helm called Steve Bowkett.

It's a bit like asking the question how many people can you get into a mini or a telephone booth; how many Wrekin Writers can you get into one magazine? Well, there are three of us in the December Issue of The Link - The National Association of Writers' Groups publication: Sue Ross is on pg 4 with a festive piece called 'So This Is Christmas' about using the festive period and its stresses and strains, family dynamics and spats to inform your writing. Then on pg 9 is me 'Starting Over, about not winding your writing down over the Xmas period and using the time as an excuse to delegate some of your duties over Xmas so you can do some writing or preparation for your writing next year. On pg 16 is Simon Whaley who, 'Wants to be alone,' bless him. He's coming to the end of his 5 five week retreat up in Cumbria and between floods he has been editing his book.

If you belong to a writers' group that belongs to NAWG then why not submit your own article to them? It was where I dared to step up from letter writing and submitted my first article ever to. And I've now been in every issue this year. Go on, give it a go. Now is the ideal time as there is a new editor at the helm.

Send articles, fillers and letters to NAWG, PO Box 3266, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 9BD
or e-mail


  1. Great news - well done all of you.


  2. Thanks, Suzanne.

    There are a lot of talented writers in the group - some of whom are hiding their light under a bushell - but I think 2010 is doing to be an exciting, successful and interesting year for the group. I'm incredibly lucky and privelidged to be a part of the group.

    Julie xx